DOG PERSON CLUB: Alex & Basil AKA Barkarama

Another Sunday, another furry story! We got in touch with Alex from the dog blog BARKARAMA and asked her to get involved with our DOG PERSON CLUB!  

@barkarama Photography: @racheloates

Could you give us a brief description of the relationship you have with Basil?

"Hot and cold because he's an aloof little fella. I know he loves me - he follows me everywhere, cosies up as tight as he can for a cuddle and always gives you an excitable greeting but affection is very much on his terms - he’s a bit like a cat! I adore him obviously, and he really is my best pal, so I learnt a long time ago not to take offence and it just makes his sweet moments even sweeter. I'm also his slave... for treats and all that he hopes will come off my plate and into his greedy gob such as asparagus (he loves it), tenderstem broccoli, bacon and if he's very lucky steak!" 

How did you come to find each other?

"The short version - no one else wanted him… well not quite. The long version - a Boston Terrier was a five year plus wish but personal life / dwellings got in the way even though I already had my breeder pretty much lined up. When I was finally able to get a puppy, my boyfriend and I visited the breeder when Basil's mum was pregnant but because of a work thing, I was one of the last new owners to meet the new puppies when they were born. There were two of us still left to meet the puppies who’d not yet been assigned to their new owner and the breeder sent us both a picture of the pups so we knew which cuties we'd be meeting. Baz was sticking his tongue out in his picture so I knew he had all the sass for me! Luckily, the other person bonded better with the other dog so I like to think the best was saved for last." 

What is it like running a dog blog together?

"Fun and frustrating. Basil is 100% in it for the treats – I think he just humours me for the rest. Me, I love to write and be creative. We've been privileged enough to go to some fantastic events, get our mitts on awesome dog products, meet truly inspiring brands and we've collected a great pack of friends on the way. It's frustrating because I wish I could spend more time on it but I have to go where the money takes me right now, plus we're Pets As Therapy volunteers so we don't get loads of spare time these days. I used to beat myself up about it and feel lots of pressure from brands but I switched my mindset and now it's my hobby, which I enjoy when I can."

And finally an interesting fact about you and your furry friend...

"We've posed in the arms of David Gandy so no biggie!"

Big thank you to Alex & the gorgeous Basil! See more stories of lovely people and their furry friends on our DOG PERSON CLUB page or on our DOG PERSON CLUB instagram!