How Etsy Can Improve an Existing Business

Hello friends! As most of you already know I own and run the small business Lazy Pencil Co, but some of you might not know that I also sell on Etsy! Most people when opening a shop start with Etsy and then move on to open their own website, however, I did it the other way around and signed up about a year after setting up my own website! And I've found that it's significantly improved my business! And here's why:

1. There is a lot of potential traffic from Etsy - I mean I don't know the facts and figures of how many people search on Etsy per day but I'm guessing it's a lot! And very single one of those people are potential customers, there's no way I could get that many people to visit my website on my own!!!

2. More people means a bigger target market! - At the moment my current market is 92% women with the age range of 18-24. Those are the people who follow me on Instagram! I've noticed that the orders I get from Etsy come from everyone... men, women, young and old, which means I'm reaching so many more people! 

3. You can see which of your products are most popular - Unlike my website, Etsy has a feature where you can see which of your products are getting the most views! This was important for me because I could see that my pet related products were getting loads more views and loads more orders! This was one of the reasons why I'm completely changing to all pet products on my shop!

4. There is a collaborative community - Etsy from the very beginning wanted to focus on the community of sellers above everything else. Sellers share their tips and experiences freely with one another so that everyone can find a path toward success, they have meet ups and are always super nice on social media! Having a little community that you can chat to about business related things can make you feel more included and not just as if you have to tackle everything on your own!

5. It is super simple to run an Etsy shop along side your actual website! - Luckily, creating an Etsy shop is really easy to do! There's no theme or colour scheme to worry about, all you do is pick a username and list your items! 

6. Customers can leave reviews! - Another feature my website doesn't have! A place for happy customers to write reviews. This is probably one of my favourite things about Etsy, receiving lovely reviews from customers puts a big fat smile on my face!

7. It's a place to sell old products - as I'm not selling any non pet related things anymore I've just moved them all to my Etsy shop! I obviously don't want to throw all them away but I don't want them on my new website either! So over to Etsy they go!