Say Hello To My NEW Shop

hello friends! after months of ordering, making, sewing, doing doggie photoshoots, the new Lazy Pencil Co is finally OPEN!

Why the drastic change I hear you ask? If you didn't know LPC before I basically drew things on paper, scanned it and sold it. There was no theme no love no passion, my real passion is DOGS. So I simplified LPC and am now making things I'm really proud of!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 15.30.59.png

So have a look below and see what I've been up to all this time!

I now make bandanas (splash proof ones I might add), little clay cat n dog planters, I have 3 pet themed art prints for sale which are my personal favourite and I also have 2 new enamel pins that annoyingly haven't arrived yet! I also have a brand new url and a brand new site which is rather snazzy if you fancy a look:! Let me know what you think!