okay guys so this post was much longer until it decided to delete itself... 2016 has been a pretty shitty year for the world but personally.... i think its been my best yet 

so some nice things that have happened:

- i opened my shop this time last january 

- i visited my favourite place in the entire world, AMSTERDAM, with one of my greatest friends 

- took my mum on her first holiday to portugal 

- i got featured in good housekeeping magazine

- i also visited spain for the first time with my boyfriends family 

- my birthday in october was probably the most memorable birthday ever, the amount of food i consumed was ridiculous 

- i got to stay a couple days in devon with my friends lovely grandparents 

- i found another hobby apart from drawing, which is making things with clay

- reading books has also become part of my daily routine 

- buddy the christmas puppy came into my life 

- i got the opportunity to meet some internet friends 

- i also got the privilege this year to create over 100 pet portraits for people this year





Hannah Venables